What's Coming Next to the Gateway?

The Ohio Business Gateway is constantly evolving! We are continuously collecting feedback from users and implementing updates to the system to meet your needs.

Gateway Enhancements Coming Soon

Prior to October 13, 2018, the tabs on the Business Dashboard, Business Administration and Account Access Management pages of the Gateway displayed small visual icons. In addition, a red circle notification icon (similar to the notification icon displayed on smart phone apps) appeared above a tab when transactions, messages or access requests were available for you to take action on.

After October 13, 2018, due to a Salesforce system-wide upgrade, these icons and notification circles will be removed. When a tab contains new transactions, messages or access requests, you will see a number in parenthesis next to the tab name. The number indicates the number of new transactions, messages or requests available.

A screenshot of the Gateway Business Dashboard

The image above provides an example of this change on the Announcements tab of the Business Dashboard page. Please note, the Cart icon in the upper right-hand corner of the Gateway will continue to display a red circle notification icon when there are transactions in the process of being checked out.

As a result of Gateway user feedback, the Unemployment Insurance Tax transaction is being updated to make it easier to identify which employee is being referenced and faster to locate the information entered for a specific employee.

  • The last 4 digits of the Social Security Number (SSN) will be visible in the Employee SSN  field on the Employees' Wages page and in the SSN field on the Enter Out-of-State Taxable Wages pop-up screen.
  • Clicking on the Employee SSN  or Last Name  column headers will sort the information presented on the Employer's Report of Wages page.

In accordance with Ohio Revised Code (R.C. 5726.041), taxpayers may not claim a deduction for investments in an Ohio-qualified real estate investment trust on the FIT Return after tax year 2017. As a result, Gateway users will no longer see the option to claim this deduction displayed on their FIT Return in the Gateway for filings in tax year 2018 or moving forward.

For more information or questions about this change, contact the Ohio Department of Taxation at 1-888-722-8829.

Suggestions and feedback can be submitted to the Ohio Business Gateway by completing the Contact us by email form on the Help page of gateway.ohio.gov.

Upcoming Filing Deadlines on the Gateway

A calendar of upcoming filing deadlines is coming soon.