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Self-Service Tips

Adding Service Areas or Transactions to a Business Account

The process for adding Service Areas and transactions has changed in the modernized Gateway. Now, Filing Administrators must visit the Account Access Management page (by clicking on the "lock" icon in the Gateway) and move the appropriate Service Areas from the Available Service Areas column to the Authorized Service Areas column in the Service Areas tab. Then, Filing Administrators navigate to the Transaction Types tab and perform the same action for the appropriate transactions. The final step is navigating to the User Authorization tab to set the correct permissions for users to access the newly added transactions.

The Filing Administrator can give permissions via User Authorizations by filtering for the service area and filer they wish to grant permissions to in the filters section on the left side. The access can then be changed by checking the appropriate boxes in the permissions template, clicking "copy permissions", then clicking save.

If a user doesn't have an entry in user authorizations to edit, the filer should make sure that they request access to the service area under "Access Requests" inside of the administration page. The Filing Administrator will need to approve this access request under Service Area Access Management.


Clearing Browser Cache and Cookies

We recommend accessing the Gateway via the current versions of Safari, Chrome and Edge.

Below are links provided by the browser developers which detail steps to clear your cache and cookies.