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Terms of Service

General Terms and Rules for Use

  1. Any business or organization ("business") conducting activity within Ohio may elect to use the Ohio Business Gateway to electronically submit transactions to agencies who administer compliance program(s). Businesses may set up a Gateway account and create one or more Usernames ("users") on that account. All Usernames created by the business must be for business personnel or associates permitted and authorized by the business to submit transactions on behalf of the business. Use of the Gateway constitutes an agreement to abide by the rules, terms, and conditions of the Gateway and the agency compliance programs.
  2. The transactions available through Gateway online applications are provided in conjunction with sponsoring agencies who serve as administrators of the respective compliance programs. Examples of transactions include the online, electronic equivalents of forms, returns, reports, filings, registrations, payments, or other similar transactions. Examples of compliance programs include sales tax, withholding tax, unemployment compensation tax, etc. Examples of sponsoring agencies include the Ohio Department of Taxation, municipal income tax departments, Ohio Deferred Compensation Program, etc. The complete list of agencies, compliance programs, and transactions available through the Gateway is provided online. Users seeking to complete any transactions not available through the Gateway must contact the agency that administers the respective compliance program for more information and instructions.
  3. Rates and calculated amounts due as shown online in Gateway applications are accurate only if the business completes the transaction using the Gateway. If the transaction is saved for later modification, the online Gateway application will re-compute the amount due at the time of the modification. A user must revisit and re-save each transaction for the online Gateway application to re-compute amounts.
  4. If a transaction is submitted using the Gateway, the business should not file the equivalent paper version of the transaction or complete another electronic version of the transaction for the same period with the same agency (e. g. submitting a transaction using the Gateway and then completing the equivalent of the same transaction using the Dolphin application through BWC).
  5. For transactions that include payment of an amount due, payment instructions must be provided at the time the transaction is submitted for processing. Once a transaction is submitted, a subsequent payment can not be "attached" to the original submission. Beginning March 2003, selected transactions will permit scheduling the transaction and payment for a future date, but only if ACH debit payment instruction is provided for the payment (credit card payments may not be scheduled). Scheduling provides the opportunity to specify a future transaction date for an ACH debit payment. If scheduling is available for a transaction, a future transaction date can be entered during the payment process. The future transaction date specified will be the day on which the ACH debit payment instruction will be prepared for bank processing. The data portion of the transaction will be delivered to the agency on or before the future transaction date for payment. If a future transaction date is scheduled, the scheduled date must be no later than the due date specified by the agency and compliance program. The default transaction date is the current date, and transactions that can not be scheduled (e. g. agency registrations, BWC Payroll Reports) will not permit any changes to the transaction date for that transaction.
  6. If payment instructions are not provided for the full amount due shown on the transaction, or if payment is rejected or returned by the bank specified by the user, the business will be subject to each agency's rules regarding payment deadlines, interest, penalties, and fee charges. If there is a subsequent payment of any unpaid balance by paper check, the check must display the agency's account number and the confirmation number from the Gateway session.
  7. No transaction will be submitted until the user has completed the entire on-line transaction process and exited the system using the navigation prompts provided on-screen. The Gateway session confirmation screen serves as verification of a completed transaction. The user should not log off or shut down the web browser until the user has completed all parts of the transaction (including entry of data and payment information as applicable) and received confirmation of submission of the transaction. The user must complete the entire transaction process before midnight in order to receive a confirmation time-stamped for that day.
  8. This system contains State of Ohio and United States government information and is restricted to authorized users ONLY. Unauthorized access, use, misuse, or modification of this computer system or of the data contained herein or in transit to and from this system is strictly prohibited, may be in violation of state and federal law, and may be subject to administrative action, civil and criminal penalties. Use of the system is governed by U.S. law and Ohio law and policies. You have no expectation of privacy in any material placed or viewed on this system except where Ohio or Federal statutes expressly provide for such status. The State of Ohio monitors activities on this system and may record and disclose those activities internally and to law enforcement and other entities to ensure the proper and lawful use of its information and resources, in accordance with federal and state law. Such monitoring may result in the acquisition, recording and analysis of all data being communicated, transmitted, processed or stored in this system by a user. The State of Ohio complies with state and federal law regarding legally protected confidential information but may not treat any other use as private or confidential. ANYONE USING THIS SYSTEM EXPRESSLY CONSENTS TO SUCH MONITORING. December 21, 2018

Revised March 2021


Agency- or Service-Specific Terms and Acknowledgements

When submitting selected transactions and/or accessing selected services, the following terms and acknowledgements apply:

  • InvestOhio (Development Services Agency)
    • Investor and Small Business Enterprise Registration
      By submitting an InvestOhio registration, I certify to the State of Ohio, through the Development Services Agency, that I hold the position and title set forth below and that I am duly authorized by the registrant/applicant to submit this registration in the InvestOhio Program authorized under Ohio Revised Code Section 122.86. I further certify that the information provided in the preceding registration is true, correct, and complete. I understand that the Development Services Agency will rely upon the information provided in this registration to make a determination regarding the registrant's eligibility for an award of economic development assistance. I further acknowledge that certain false statements made in this registration may subject the registrant to criminal liability and failure to provide requested information may cause the applicant to be ineligible to receive economic development assistance under the InvestOhio Program or any future economic development assistance from the state.
  • Municipal Income Tax, Income (Net Profits) Tax Returns
    • To make changes to Net Profits returns after filing, I agree to file an amended report or follow other instructions from the agency or municipality.
    • I have examined the information herein provided electronically in connection with the use of the Ohio Business Gateway to file the taxpayer's municipal income tax return. To the best of my knowledge and belief the information provided is true, correct and sufficient for the electronic transmission of a complete municipal income tax return. I warrant that I have the authority to submit electronically this municipal income tax return, and I acknowledge that by confirming the submission of this return, I am making and transmitting, along with the municipal income tax return, an electronic signature having the same legal impact and implications as would my handwritten signature.
  • Unclaimed Funds (Ohio Department of Commerce)
    • The Ohio Division of Unclaimed Funds requires remittance of the unclaimed funds balance due at the time a company submits its Annual Report of Unclaimed Funds for the report to be valid.

Electronic Signature

When you use the Ohio Business Gateway's electronic filing services (the State of Ohio's application), you agree the information you provide is accurate and complete to the best of your knowledge. Any attempts to commit fraud against the agencies that participate in the State of Ohio's application may be subject to administrative penalties and/or criminal prosecution. Providing information to the State of Ohio is your choice. When you register with the Gateway, you create an electronic signature. An electronic signature is similar to your handwritten signature. Through the use of an electronic signature, you agree that the information you provide is accurate and complete to the best of your knowledge. You also acknowledge that you have read and understand the following warning statements. Please read these notices before you register and provide us with your electronic signature:

  • About Information You Give Us
    When you submit sensitive information over the website, that information is encrypted and protected by a secured socket layer (SSL).
  • About Information You Receive
    It is your responsibility to use the information provided to you on this website for its intended purposes and to protect your password.
  • About Primary User Accounts
    In consideration of State of Ohio's approval of your application to be a primary user, so that you are responsible for managing the passwords and the access of your designated secondary users, you agree to hold the agencies that participate in the State of Ohio's application harmless and to indemnify them from and against any claims, demands, losses, and causes of action asserted against or incurred by the agencies which result from or arise out of the negligent conduct or intentional acts of yourself or any of your designated secondary users. You warrant that you have the authority to make this agreement on behalf of the company/firm/organization.
  • Employer Fraud Warning
    Any person or entity who knowingly misrepresents the number or classification of employees or conceals a fact, makes a false statement, falsifies coverage, or makes any other attempt to avoid securing and maintaining coverage, or to avoid paying premiums or assessments in full, may be subject to repayment of funds due, administrative penalties, and/or criminal prosecution.

Electronic Payment (ACH) General Terms

  1. Before attempting to authorize an ACH Payment on your savings or checking account, you should check with your accounting department or local bank to be sure that electronic debits are permitted on the account.
  2. Any fees or charges incurred due to insufficient funds or other issues with the account will be the sole responsibility of the account's owner.
  3. By authorizing an electronic payment on this system, you consent to our transmission of your tax identification number to the financial institution processing your payment.